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25 Great Hearses for Your Final Ride

Janaki Jitchotvisut

You drove big wheels as a kid. You had a moped before you could get your license. You got your first beater the day you got your license. And you’ve been a gearhead ever since, collection a variety of practical and completely-for-your-enjoyment vehicles. So why would you go out in a boring, old, beat-up Cadillac DTS? While some people are busy planning their funerals on their death beds, we’d be the ones planning which car is going to carry us from church to dirt (well, we’ll probably get cremated, but that’s a different story). When that time comes, we’ll be picking something from one of these 25 Great Hearses for Your Final Ride

Bears Tailgate Hearse

We’re not sure if we’d take this as a good sign if we were the Bears. On the other hand, a hearse would be a great place to tailgate.

REO Funeral Hearse

Modern hearses are stately and respectful, and we get that. But old-school hearses like this put the dearly departed on display, kind of like a rolling wake.

Jaguar Hearse

It’s a Jaguar Hearse. Do we need a further explanation?

Venetian Water Hearse

If your main means of transport is via water, we’re pretty sure hearses like these are dime a dozen. But to the rest of the world, it’s a fairly unique conveyance.

Citroen Hearse

We like it when things that are seeming contradictions — such as this Citroen hearse, for example — come to fruition. It doesn’t look half bad, either.

Motorcycle Hearse

This design makes the coffin part of the bike. It’s completely unique.

Old-School Hot Rod Hearse

We’re pretty sure Jesus didn’t build this hot rod, but if the deceased really loved souped up rods, this might be the right hearse for the job.

Toyota Prius Hearse

Making a compact hatchback that’s meant to save the world into a hearse that allegedly gets 52 miles per gallon? Seems odd, but that’s why we like it.

Barbie’s Dream Hearse

This is a hearse for all occasions, not just funerals. Proms, bridal showers — just about any event can be livened up by Seattle’s Barbie Dream Hearse.

Offroad Hearse

Who wouldn’t love a hearse that could just roll right over traffic to get to its destination?

Purple Hot Rod Hearse

Who can resist a purple car — especially a rodded out hearse? We sure can’t.

Coffin Car

This is the ultimate in jamming econo into the afterlife. Look Ma, no extraneous bodywork and lots and lots of pipes!

Coach Hearse

This hearse reminds us a lot of Cinderella’s coach from the Disney movie. We just hope it doesn’t inadvertently turn into a pumpkin.

Japanese Hearse

This ornate gilded carriage definitely sends a message. We’ve seen several Buddhist-themed hearses like this coming from Japan.

Argentinian Hearse

There’s no way you wouldn’t see this hearse coming.

Hearse Camper

The moment we saw this, we mentally inserted it into that episode of Top Gear where Clarkson, Hammond, and May had to make their own campers (or caravans, in UK English) out of existing cars. Here’s video on YouTube.

Triumph Hearse

Its compact design looks like a modified sidecar. We like that.

Bicycle Hearse

For the ultimate in green posthumous transportation, this bike can’t be beat. Look, the frame is even green. It can’t get much greener than this.

Cathedral Hearse

It’s a church and a hearse in one. If you have to go out, why not go surrounded by beautiful glasswork?

Handmade Hearse

We can’t imagine how much time and effort went into crafting all the intricate details of this hearse.

JCB Construction Hearse

When a JCB worker died, his coworkers made use of what they had at hand to provide one of the most unique memorial services ever.

Harley Hearse

Yes, it’s a motorcycle hearse — which are more common than you think. What completely makes this photo, though, is the priest sitting on the bike in full robes.

Drag-Racing Hearse

No idea what’s going on under the hood, but we do know we’d love to see this thing in action.

Gothic Estate Hearse

From the rooftop up, it looks like some shadowy gothic mansion on a hill. Except, you know, it’s on the back of a hearse. Just hope there aren’t any underpasses in this thing’s path.

Funker Hearse

Just look at it. Also, it has a working flamethrower. We’re not kidding.


Lincoln hearse, 1924
Peugot herse, 1951
Cadillac half-coach hearse, 1930
A restored
A hearse from Spain called
Japanese hearse, 1970s
Japanese hearse, 1970s
Vintage hearse, Finland 1930s
Funeral home Sayers & Scovill Olympian Hearse, 1934
Hearse, Argentina, late 1920s
Hearse, Spain 1920s/1930s
Hearse, Spain 1920s/1930s
956 Cadillac Meteor Crestwood Landau Panoramic Hearse
Miami, Florida 1910
Manchester, England, 1910
Packard funeral
Airstream funeral

1935 Carved Panel Hearse


Re: 1935 Carved Panel Hearse

  • Hood, grille and radiator are out, shutters freed up and working smoothly again.

Frozen hinges on rear loading door are also free now allowing access into rear compartment: